Sunday, September 25, 2011

school is in session

with school getting into full swing and my homework piling up, i've found i have less time to blog than i used to. i am also realizing that i didn't take advantage of my blogging time when i had it, and maybe i should have. now, i'm required to blog. my computer art class has a class blog, and i have to post to it three times a week, at least, if i want an A in the class. i think we all know how often i post, and three times a week has never been something i could accomplish.

so i may not post as much here in the coming months. that may also have to do with the fact that i'm learning Wordpress for my class, and i like it a lot. so i may be moving this blog to Wordpress, with a brand new professional name and some new-fangled features. so keep your eyes open for the move.

but i do have something to share tonight. this past week, one of our babies moved (with his family, of course) to north carolina. he was a precious little one in our nursery, and had one of the best personalities of the group. he loved to laugh, and always smiled for us. and we called him the King. so as a going away gift/ instructions for his new daycare in nc, i put together this:

in case you can't tell, it's a scroll. i made the medallion from a wooden "l", painted it metallic navy, and added charms (a crown, a fleur de lis, and star) and tied a tassel around it. the scroll unrolls to reveal several shots of the king wearing his crown and making typical faces for the camera, and lists in detail some of the things that make him tick.

i cried on wednesday after he left. he was such a sweet baby, and his family was wonderful. we will miss them a lot, and i pray for their safety and prosperity now.

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